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Harald Lorenz No. 8

  • Violin – Stradivari or Guarneri (4/4 only) model


    VN 4/4 - 1/8

    Superior quality, handcrafted from European naturely agend tone wood, fully solid, nicely flamed maple, selected spruce top, ebony fittings with parisian eye (Guarneri chinrest, Swiss pegs), spirit hand varnish in the old tradition, chestnut brown, Ultra Wittner tailpiece, Despiau bridge „C“, Dominant strings


    Instrument + case Jakob Winter (565 for 4/4 and 360 for 3/4-1/2 and 3016 for 1/4-1/8) + Pernambuco bow Saldo (no. 1212B) + rosin (Piranito) Sizes: 4/4-1/8

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